Nübrace® Knee Brace

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Size guide

The Active Knee Brace is available in various sizes, compatible with either knee, universal for men and women, fits left and right knee. Sizing is determined by the leg's circumference just beneath the knee. A pre-use fitting is always good practice.                                                                                                                        

Brace Size


Leg Circumference 

(measured 11 cm/ 4.5 inches above the knee)


30-35 cm / 12-14 inches


36-41 cm / 14-16 inches


42-48 cm/ 16.5-19 inches


49-53 cm/ 19-21 inches

Power boost for the leg
Left leg
Right leg

Spring resistance guide

Recommended spring resistance according to body weight and activity level:

Activity Level

Recommended Spring resistance (per leg)

Body Weight

Regular to intense

Light to Medium

Up to 60 kg / 132 lbs

Regular to intense

Medium to Strong

61kg to 90kg / 134 lbs-200 lbs

Regular to intense

Strong to Super Strong

91kg to 120kg / 200lbs to 265lbs

Regular to intense

Strong to Super strong

Over 120kg / 265 pounds

Light (approx.10 kg/ 22 pounds), Medium (approx. 20 kg/ 44 pounds), Strong (approx. 30 kg/ 66 pounds), Super strong (approx. 45kg / 100lbs)


For those experiencing a knee collapse condition (Valgus Thrust/ Recurvatum) it is recommended to select different springs per same leg, in accordance with the condition, so to address the imbalance. Pls consult your health professional.

Other conditions: for users using a brace per each leg: please consider whether you need the same resistance for both legs.


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Read This Guide to Find Your Perfect knee brace boost / resistance level

Step 1:  Assess Your Injury SeverityStart by evaluating the severity of your knee injury. Determine whether it's mild, moderate, or severe. if you are not certain, consult your doctor.

Step 2: Consider Your Body WeightTake your body weight into account. Heavier individuals may need more support (higher spring resistance), while lighter individuals may prefer less boost/ resistance level for comfort.

Step 3: Consult a Healthcare ProfessionalIf you're unsure about your injury or boost level, consult a healthcare provider or physical therapist. They can provide expert guidance.

Step 4: Refer to Product DescriptionReview the product description for our knee braces carefully. Pay attention to the boost level mentioned for each product.

Step 5: Choose the Appropriate Boost LevelFor a mild injury, consider a 15 kg boost brace. For moderate injuries, decide between a 10 kg or 20 kg boost brace based on your weight, comfort and condition.

Step 6: Check Sizing InformationEnsure the knee brace you select is available in your size. Refer to the sizing chart provided on our website.

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Optimally designed

Made of high end materials and engineered with the user in mind, the active knee brace is comfortable and durable. It will enhance and support many day-to-day activities and situations.

What Customers are Saying

Chris M ,Skier

"I've been hitting the slopes for decades and the wear is starting to show. This brace, though, has been a pleasant surprise. It's like a second wind for my knees, allowing me more runs with less soreness. There's a bit of a learning curve to wearing it right, but it's worth the effort."

Jordan P, Knee Surgery Patient

"Recovery is tough, but this knee brace has made a noticeable difference. I was skeptical at first but the support is solid and it actually helps me move around more easily. It's a bit bulky under pants but the stability it provides is invaluable."

Linda G, Caregiver

"Bought this for my husband who's been struggling with knee pain. He's not one for gadgets but he admits this brace has helped him get around the garden easier. I've noticed he's wearing it more often than not. The comfort level is spot-on."

Emily T, Dance Instructor

"Never thought I'd use a knee brace for dance practice but here I am. It's surprisingly flexible and doesn't hamper my movements. It does stand out when I wear shorts, but the way it eases my knee strain after a long day is worth it."

Tom R, Construction Worker

"Wearing a knee brace on the job seemed overkill until I tried this one. It gives a nice boost when lifting and climbing. It's a bit stiff at first and takes time to break in but once it's shaped to your knee it feels like part of your gear."

Susan W, New Mom

"Chasing a toddler around is no joke for your knees. This brace has been a lifesaver. The support is undeniable. Plus, it's easyenough to adjust even when I'm in a hurry."

Alan J, Weekend Hiker

"Based on a recommendation, I picked up this knee brace for my weekend hikes. It's been a revelation, lending a noticeable boost to my step and making those uphill climbs feel easier. Sure, it took a bit of adjusting to perfect the fit but now it’s indispensable. While it’s more about substance than style, the way it performs on challenging terrain is nothing short of remarkable."

Grace L, Yoga Enthusiast

"I was hesitant to use a brace for yoga, but it's been helpful during more strenuous poses. It's a tad conspicuous and I had to learn to strap it on properly but the added stability is appreciated."


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