Everyday life and Active life,

Made better.

Immediate Effect

Put it on and feel the difference, Boost your power, Decrease pain.

Safe & Reliable

Made of the best available materials, Tested to perform.


User friendly, Anatomically engineered.

30% -  80%

Pressure Reduction

Decrease Pressure, Increase Performance, Relieve Pain


An innovative architecture and design

Modular and Upgradable

  • Built in training option.
  • Replaceable springs.
  • Replaceable elastic band.
  • Slide in power rods to increase power and agility.

Anatomically engineered to fit & feel comfortable

  • Front closure design for easy and improved fit.
  • Perforated texture for improved breathability.
  • Large anti Slip internal area for improved hold.
  • Pull loops for easy fit & position correction.

Patented and Proprietary

  • Utilizing our proprietary WRS technology.
  • Lower weight pressure on the knee joint
  • Support the quadruple leg muscle.
  • Significantly increase Safety, Performance and Endurance.

Safe and Durable

  • Made of advanced & high end materials.
  • Proprietary hyperextension protection hinge.
  • Exceptional dynamic support.
  • 6 lock & adjust straps for perfect fit.
  • Anti slip tip on all straps.
  • Anti bacterial fabrics.

Dr. Aaron

“An effective solution”

Overweight/ Obese: Individuals carrying extra weight often experience a heightened pressure on their knee joints, which can lead to chronic pain and hindered mobility. The Nubrace® Active Knee Brace is engineered to alleviate this pressure significantly, thereby enhancing leg power and endurance. Dr. Aaron lauds the brace as an effective solution that facilitates a more active and comfortable lifestyle for individuals in this segment, helping to mitigate the daily discomfort arising from excess weight.

The Elderly: The advanced years bring a multitude of challenges in mobility, particularly in the strength and stability of the legs. Tasks that once seemed effortless like rising from a chair or climbing stairs can become strenuous due to the diminished support of the knee joints. The Nubrace® Active Knee Brace directly addresses these issues. Its design provides substantial support for sitting and standing, aids in the safe navigation of stairs and bolsters overall stability. For the elderly, this means a return to a more active lifestyle with reduced fear of falls and increased confidence in their movement. Dr. Aaron endorses the brace as a transformative solution for the elderly, enhancing their mobility and independence.

Recovery: The post-operative phase, especially after knee surgery, demands a fine balance of support and gradual muscle engagement for a smooth recovery journey. The Nubrace® Active Knee Brace, as recognized by Dr. Aaron, aids in this delicate process by enhancing muscle power and providing the needed stability, significantly shortening the recovery time. It's a recommendable support system that facilitates improved mobility and safety, aiding individuals in regaining their pre-surgery levels of activity swiftly and effectively

Dr. Emily

"Mobility Maximizer"

Overweight/ Obese: From overweight to obese knee and leg pain are common deterrents to maintaining an active lifestyle. The Nubrace Active Knee Brace aims to mitigate this by reducing the weight pressure on the knee, thus enhancing leg power and endurance. Dr. Emily commends the brace for its potential to significantly improve mobility and the overall quality of life for individuals within this segment.

The Elderly: Whether engaging in recreational sports or enduring the physical demands of everyday life, adults often face muscle fatigue and knee pain. The Active Knee Brace is engineered to lessen the impact on the knees, making activities more enjoyable and less painful. Dr. Emily sees it as a valuable asset for adults seeking to maintain an active lifestyle while minimizing the risk of knee-related ailments.

Recovery: The journey of recovery post-surgery, especially on the knee, requires an optimal blend of support and muscle engagement. The Nubrace Active Knee Brace aids in this process by boosting muscle power and providing stability, essential for shortening recovery time and improving mobility. Dr. Emily recommends the brace as a substantial aid in enhancing safety and the quality of life during the recovery period

Dr. Sarah

"Performance Enhancer"

Overweight/ Obese: Carrying extra weight significantly increases the pressure on the knee joints, often leading to pain and decreased mobility. Dr. Sarah appreciates the Nubrace Active Knee Brace for its ability to alleviate this pressure, promote leg power, and endurance, thus encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle for individuals in this segment.

The Elderly: Adults, whether athletes or not, often seek solutions to knee pain and muscle fatigue induced by physical activities. The Active Knee Brace, as recognized by Dr. Sarah, reduces the knee pressure, making physical engagements less taxing and more enjoyable. It's a go-to solution for those looking to enhance their performance and protect their knee joints.

Recovery:In the delicate phase of post-surgery recuperation, managing the well-being of both the healing limb and its supporting counterpart is essential. The Nubrace Active Knee Brace is adept at providing this dual support. It stabilizes the recovering leg while also offering support to the other leg which temporarily takes on more of the body’s weight. Dr. Sarah advocates for the brace as it aids in a balanced recovery ,enhancing muscle engagement and contributing to a smoother rehabilitation journey


Quality of life

for our costumers.

Our Story

What Customers are Saying

Chris M ,Skier

"I've been hitting the slopes for decades and the wear is starting to show. This brace, though, has been a pleasant surprise. It's like a second wind for my knees, allowing me more runs with less soreness. There's a bit of a learning curve to wearing it right, but it's worth the effort."

Jordan P, Knee Surgery Patient

"Recovery is tough, but this knee brace has made a noticeable difference. I was skeptical at first but the support is solid and it actually helps me move around more easily. It's a bit bulky under pants but the stability it provides is invaluable."

Linda G, Caregiver

"Bought this for my husband who's been struggling with knee pain. He's not one for gadgets but he admits this brace has helped him get around the garden easier. I've noticed he's wearing it more often than not. The comfort level is spot-on."

Emily T, Dance Instructor

"Never thought I'd use a knee brace for dance practice but here I am. It's surprisingly flexible and doesn't hamper my movements. It does stand out when I wear shorts, but the way it eases my knee strain after a long day is worth it."

Tom R, Construction Worker

"Wearing a knee brace on the job seemed overkill until I tried this one. It gives a nice boost when lifting and climbing. It's a bit stiff at first and takes time to break in but once it's shaped to your knee it feels like part of your gear."

Susan W, New Mom

"Chasing a toddler around is no joke for your knees. This brace has been a lifesaver. The support is undeniable. Plus, it's easy enough to adjust even when I'm in a hurry."

Alan J, Weekend Hiker

"Based on a recommendation, I picked up this knee brace for my weekend hikes. It's been a revelation, lending a noticeable boost to my step and making those uphill climbs feel easier. Sure, it took a bit of adjusting to perfect the fit but now it’s indispensable.
While it’s more about substance than style, the way it performs on challenging terrain is nothing short of remarkable."

Grace L, Yoga Enthusiast

"I was hesitant to use a brace for yoga, but it's been helpful during more strenuous poses. It's a tad conspicuous and I had to learn to strap it on properly but the added stability is appreciated."


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