Spring resistance guide

Recommended spring resistance according to body weight and activity level:

Activity Level

Recommended Spring resistance (per leg)

Body Weight

Regular to intense

Light to Medium

Up to 60 kg / 132 lbs

Regular to intense

Medium to Strong

61kg to 90kg / 134 lbs-200 lbs

Regular to intense

Strong to Super Strong

91kg to 120kg / 200lbs to 265lbs

Regular to intense

Strong to Super strong

Over 120kg / 265 pounds

Light (approx.10 kg/ 22 pounds), Medium (approx. 20 kg/ 44 pounds), Strong (approx. 30 kg/ 66 pounds), Super strong (approx. 45kg / 100lbs)


For those experiencing a knee collapse condition (Valgus Thrust/ Recurvatum) it is recommended to select different springs per same leg, in accordance with the condition, so to address the imbalance. Pls consult your health professional.

Other conditions: for users using a brace per each leg: please consider whether you need the same resistance for both legs.