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Nubrace PowerBoost™ - In 3 easy steps

Brace Placement

Place the open brace on the back of your knee.

Close the top part securely but not too tightly. Ensure that your kneecap is centered and not covered by the brace's fabric.

Straps Closure

Close the bottom part of the brace, making sure it's snug but not too tight. Ensure that your kneecap remains centered.

Insert the top wide strap (#1 ) into its loop and tighten it. Insert the bottom wide strap (#2) into its loop and tighten it.

Insert the top narrow strap (#3) into its loop without overtightening, followed by the bottom narrow strap (#4).

Final Adjustment

Verify the placement and tightness of the brace and straps. On the sides of the shield, you'll find two loops. Gently pull these loops upward to help the brace sit securely in place. Tighten the two back elastic straps (no. 5 and 6) for the brace's optimal performance. Remember, the brace should feel supportive without causing any discomfort.